small matters


An exhibition of constructed photographs, collages and encaustic paintings by artists Cat Gwynn, Keith Ullrich and Alissa Warshaw.

May 2 – 30, 2009

Opening Reception view invitation
Saturday May 9
7-9pm 2009may9reception_sm1

Small differences are what really hold weight, highlighting the interconnectedness of things, bringing together the larger whole when each bit of matter is placed. Individual feel/smell/taste/view aligned with another imparts the larger meaning; we can see the connectivity of everything. Little similarities hold us to one another yet those slight differences maintain our individuality.

Small matters. In a time of bigger is better, we forget to look closely at details. The constraint of size draws us in, creating an intimacy that forces one to look deeply, purposefully. The richness and complexity of each seemingly insignificant thing is experienced in full depth. These small treasures unexpectedly fill our view creating new worlds with new meaning, both unsettling and inviting.

Cat Gwynn is a Los Angeles fine art and commercial photographer. A self-confessed foodie, she can often be found in local farmer’s markets, gathering the ingredients for her next inspired meal. Cat’s work has won numerous awards, and has been exhibited across the country, including at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, The Drawing Center, New York City, Joan Lehman Center of Contemporary Art, Miami, Dallas Museum of Art and San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

Keith Ullrich is a Pasadena-born artist and musician, and the founder of O Tela Group, a loose association of collaborative artists formed in the early 1980s. His collages, artist books, and music/sound works for film are in the archives of the Getty, The Museum of Modern Art, British Film Institute, Franklin Furnace, and in private collections. He resides in the San Gabriel Valley, where he works on collage, assemblage, and alternate guitar tunings.

Alissa Warshaw was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She spent her formative years in New York City, and currently lives in downtown LA. Her encaustic works are inspired and discovered through spending time in nature, which in turn evokes a sense of memory and loss…of another time, another place.   She works in a variety of media, along with being a registrar and archivist.


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