Rockets, Lambs & Time


An exhibition of collages and paintings by artists Kathy Carvellas and Nikki Nemzer.

July 25 – September 5 2009

Opening Reception view invitation
Saturday August 8
7 – 9 pm


What happens when suddenly our view of the familiar world is filled with objects out of place? The hope of artists Kathy Carvellas and Nikki Nemzer is that thought provoking and sometimes humorous visions are created, where one’s mind is free to play randomly with these seemingly misplaced ingredients. Carvellas with her ticket stubs, photographs, & cutouts entices us into her inner universe and asks us to question the very definitions of the world and our place within it. Nemzer places traditional styles on edge by forcing the cute into uncomfortable settings paralleling perhaps our own personal mishaps; reminding us awkward is many times the most fun.


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