Cindy Schafer: Jan 9th Memorial & Closing Reception

On November 29, Cindy and her husband Bruce Haskitt were killed in a plane crash off  Saturna Island, Canada. They were returning from their second home and perished along with 4 others on the plane.
Please join us in honoring Cindy, her incredible life force, and her lovely work.
Saturday January 9, 2010
The Nov 14th opening here was small yet enthusiastically attended, so much so that it was 2 hrs past our official end time before we realized we needed to close the doors and go home. No one wanted to leave. We decided then and there to have a closing reception, in hopes more people could attend after the crush of the holidays had passed. Cindy even rang me on her drive home from the opening to say how much she enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to discuss her work and answer questions with each person who attended, and that she couldn’t wait to do it again in January. Shortly before leaving for Thanksgiving we had settled on January 9th as the date and planned to send out the announcement after we each returned from our respective travels.
I’m so honored to have known Cindy and had the chance to showcase her photography. Over the past two years we’d had many versions of a conversation that began “so, how are you doing …” Both of us questioning, guiding, counseling, cheering each other on and keeping each other accountable in the mostly solitary pursuit of being an artist. When I called to ask if I could present a solo show of her work, she was on her way to a commercial job and literally screamed into the phone YES!! She told me she’d recently felt like she’d been neglecting her fine art, wasn’t even sure she WAS an artist, and my invitation reminded her not to doubt herself so.
She was a dear friend and I feel her loss every day.
Cindy’s fine art photography website:
Her commercial photography website:
and her blog

To purchase her work:
MATES will be available for purchase by Jan 20, 2010**
Gallery@MSY will not take a commission on these sales
**Pieces on view in the MATES show are not for sale; they were printed by Cindy for this exhibition and will return to her family.

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